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WebPhotoIt Had To Be You

The Diamond Valley Arts Center will be the “Place To Be” January 29th and 30th, 2016. Tickets are $15 and are going fast!
"It Had To Be You'' takes place in New York City on Christmas Eve. The time is the present. Theda Blau is a kooky, unpredictable, zany but well-meaning would-be actress who has had some small parts in some very forgettable films. In addition, she has been struggling desperately for three years to write a play for herself, and she's get nowhere. Theda has reached a point in her life where, as she says, she "needs two miracles'' - a man to love and success in her career. She thinks she has found her miracles when she auditions for Vito Pignoli, an uptight producer-director of television commercials. For Theda, it is love at first sight. For Vito, it's just another audition - until Theda persuades Vito to share a cab with her after the audition, and carry her packages up to her tenement apartment. Theda then traps Vito by locking him in her apartment and refusing to let him leave until he commits to her, and also agrees to help write her play with her.

The first act it frenetic and zany, a bit spicy, naughty but nice. The second act is equally as funny, but also tender and poignant, as Theda get to stop hating himself, to realize he has talent, to call his son (with whom he hasn't spoken in years) - and much more, in an ending that will surprise and delight you.

ln 1986, Kathi Anderson and Robert Berens starred in "It Had To Be You". They received rave reviews and were awarded the Inland Theatre League Award of Excellence. And now 30 years later- Anderson and Berens reunite. And, the sparks are still flying.