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Since its founding in 2004, “Advancing the Arts – Creating Community” has been the motto of The Diamond Valley Arts Council.  With The DVAC’s move into a new facility at 123 N. Harvard St. in downtown Hemet, the implications of that ideal has taken on even greater significance for both the arts and for the community. As an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of, and greater participation in, the arts, locating in downtown Hemet opens the door for greater visibility of what The DVAC is, what we do and what is available to our community in term of arts and culture activities, events and venues. Stop by The Arts Center during our planned business hours of 11:00 am to 5:00 pm any Wednesday through Saturday.

  • Lois Stipp, President
  • Richard Leitz, Past President
  • ROB SZYCHOWSKI, Vice President
  • Elena Kern, Treasurer
  • Anna Ancheta, Secretary
  • Kathleen Callicott Board Member
  • Don Zeigler Board Member
  • Jason Strain, Board Member

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The Diamond Valley Arts Council(DVAC), founded in 2004, is an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of the activities, events and venues for enjoying and participating in the various forms of artistic expression and cultural opportunities available to our community. Through partnerships with individuals, arts- and culture-related groups and local businesses, as well as civic and governmental agencies, we strive to develop programs and create opportunities which stimulate and enrich the cultural, economic, and intellectual life of the community; positive quality of life issues for the community to experience.  These goals and ideals are summarized in our motto “Advancing the Arts – Creating Community”.

Publicity and advocacy are two other approaches which The DVAC utilizes to assure that the arts and culture are an important and integral aspect of the quality of life for the community.  Through our website, social media, electronic communications and our network of organizations, The DVAC offers a portal to the arts and cultural life of Hemet, San Jacinto and the communities surrounding the region of Diamond Valley Lake in Inland Southern California.

We also work closely with other local and regional non-profit organizations, civic groups, businesses, local and county governmental agencies to shape a community with a strong emphasis on the arts.  These efforts have been successful in having Arts and Culture Elements added to the General Plans for the cities of both Hemet and San Jacinto.  And, we continue to champion the arts as major contributor to a positive self-image for the community and emphasize that traveling to distant locations for quality entertainment is not necessary.  ARTS & CULTURE.  It’s here!  Enjoy it!  Live it!

Upcoming DVAC Events